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About Me

Rasoul Moradimehr is an Iranian electrical control systems graduate who is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. During his studies, he began his adventure with numerous individual initiatives and activities, which led to the foundation of his first firm, Diaco (Diaco Gostar Lotus), in 2012.
Diaco had a huge obstacle in its development and expansion: a scarcity of competent jobs and personnel. Rasoul and his colleagues developed Landa Academy and Forough Co. to train teenagers and youth in their activities to meet this demand.
Rasoul persisted in transforming Landa Academy from a technological training facility to an investment, acceleration, and academy center for outstanding youngsters. Today, his training is more than just technical courses; He coaches and mentors new entrepreneurs from the ground up until they start profitable enterprises.
asoul is pleased to report that he currently has over 250 active members and several collaboration agreements with high schools, colleges, and institutions. Rasoul Moradimehr has achieved outstanding success and revenue as an instructor, coach, and CEO. 52 of those students are currently working at Forough Co., handling all laws and regulations relating to the growth and acceleration of Landa Business Academy members, as well as delivering services to entrepreneurs and institutions.
r. Moradimehr’s ultimate objective is to establish an international intelligence skill-oriented platform for training and guiding adolescents worldwide. He aspires to empower and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators through this effort.


Forough Acceleration

Founder & CEO

Forough Roshan Pasargad Company officially began operations in 2019. The company’s mission is to expand and expedite startup ideas, strategies, and business growth. We help entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses by using our network of domestic and international specialists, investors, and successful individuals.

Rasoul Moradimehr

Landa Trip


Landa Trip is a cutting-edge start-up that uses an experienced staff and artificial intelligence to enable you to engage in numerous training courses across the world. This smart platform is the greatest alternative as a social network for travel enthusiasts to share remarkable experiences and courses with others.

Farazaman Acceleration


Farazaman Accelerator enables students to make their ideas a reality by offering financial resources, technological infrastructure, and worldwide network connectivity. we are committed to supporting and nurturing students and young people in growth and acceleration centers by spanning the gap between industry and academia.


Landa Academy


Landa Startup Academy is an investment and acceleration center for teenagers in Iran and is active in the cities of Tehran and Isfahan.As a dynamic environment, Landa Academy Center empowers outstanding people, especially youths, to develop their innovative ideas. We provide a suitable shared environment for developing your interests and real-world projects with proficient and international mentors.

Business Consultant

Despite developing and launching multiple enterprises in various industries, Rasoul Moradimehr has consulted on various other endeavors.

Diaco Center

As a subsidiary of Landa International Holding, the intelligent platform Diaco Center functions as an intermediary between technology seekers and providers. This venture has commenced operations with the primary objective of optimally addressing the challenges and requirements of the technology and industry sectors.

Landa Gene

Landa Gene is a forward-thinking and innovative genetics start-up whose mission is to prevent incurable diseases such as cancer through genetic testing and the identification of gene behavior. Landa Gene was conceived by Landa International Holding, and its recognition was made possible by a group of specialists in genetics and artificial intelligence.

Vision Raft

As the use of augmented reality becomes more prevalent in daily life, the time has come to educate children using innovative and inventive approaches rather than conventional and tedious ones. Vision Raft, a startup, has commenced operations with the specific objective of integrating augmented reality technology into the field of education.

Landa Craft

 The Landa Craft startup has established a secure and efficient communication platform that connects global consumers and producers via NFT, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, with the assistance of domain specialists in these areas.

Steady Skull

As brain surgery is regarded as one of the most critical and delicate medical procedures, Landa International Holding, through its Steady Skull startup, created a medical gadget to aid in the surgical process and distributed it to brain surgeons.


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